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January 08, 2023 4 min read

Starter locs, aka baby locs, is the first stage of a loc journey. It starts once your locs are installed, and this stage is also 3 to 6 months long (depending on how fast your hair grows and how long it takes for your locs to form). There are different methods to start locs such as two-strand twists, comb coils, braids, crochet, and interlocking. In the beginning stages of your loc journey most people can’t resist the temptation of experimenting on their new locs, which can inevitably damage them. You can avoid the unnecessary damage by knowing the dos and don’ts of having starter locs. Therefore, we, Loclicious, are here to guide you on this. No matter which method you chose to start your locs these tips will undoubtably help you maintain your starter locs. So let’s get into it!


Do’s And Don’ts Of Starter Locs

1. Do’s of Starter Locs

1.1 Wash Locs But Not Too Often:

If locs unraveling is your problem, look back at your hair washing schedule; you may be washing your hair too often. 

It would be best to wash your starter dreadlocks on a schedule that you feel comfortable with. However, it is good to note that most people with starter locs wash their dreadlocks every four weeks. This prevents locs from unraveling too soon.

Moreover, don’t wash your hair by scratching and rubbing locs together. It will save your dreadlocks from unnecessary breakage. 

Furthermore, wash hair with  clarifyingshampoo  because starter locs are prone to build up. Also, moisturizing shampoos can loosen the formation of starter locs; however, it is good to use on mature locs. 

1.2 Wash With Wig Cap On:

Wear a wig cap or stocking cap when washing hair to eliminate any chance of unraveling your delicate starter locs/dreadlocks

Focus on massaging the scalp during this process to clean locs; don’t use your fingernails.   

1.3 Be Mindful of The Type and Amount Of Product: 

Like everyone, you surely want starter dreadlocks to be naturally fluffy, moveable, and healthy-looking. For this, ensure you are not using heavy products like beeswax and heavy butter that don’t melt down.

It will also ensure that there will be no product buildup in your locs, and their foundation will stay healthy. 

Moreover, if you have product buildup in your starter locs it will be more difficult to remove it once your locs start to grow out. 

So, it is best to use.  lightweight and water-soluble products on starter locs and use them in moderate amounts. Similarly, whether you are using lightweight products, don’t use too many products. 

1.4 Protect Your Locs When Sleeping:

You must have heard the advice of protecting locs when sleeping. Here are the crucial reasons:

Starter or mature locs pick up debris from surfaces easily and can make locs appear dry and in some cases dirty.

Locs unravel with the friction against the pillow. This friction can also cause locs breakage and absorb moisture from locs, leaving them frizzy. 

Locs tend to pick up lint faster. You can remove dirt by shampooing the locs, but the lint is harder to remove. 

Therefore, tie your locs in a satin or silk scarf/bonnettto avoid those problems.

1.5 Use Natural Lightweight Oils:

We don’t recommend using heavy and extremely moisturizing products on your starter locs, but it needs hydration and needed moisture to replenish and grow healthily.

So, we suggest using natural oils for that purpose. LOCLICIOUS HAIR OIL is best because it has various natural oils blended in it. 

1.6 Separate The Roots:

In the first few months, starter locs look for the direction in which they can grow. So, separate the roots occasionally.

It not only gives your locs direction to grow but also saves your locs from tugging and pulling when you do a retwist. 

However, if you are doing freeform locs there is no need to separate your locs at the root.

2. Don’ts of Starter Locs

2.1 Don’t Retwist the Locs Too Often:

Retwisting your locs too often makes your hair thin, its base weaker, and makes it prone to breakage. Limit retwisting to once every month or whenever you wash your locs. 

2.2 Don’t Deep Condition:

Moisture is necessary for starter locs, but deep conditioning unravels them. So, skip this step altogether and use oils for nourishment and moisture. In the same sense, avoid detanglers and heavy conditioners too. 

Only deep conditions when locs begin to lock up or get mature with a lightweight conditioner.

2.3 Don’t Manipulate your Locs:

If your locs can speak, they will say, “leave me alone!” But keeping hands off of your locs at the beginning is hard, but you have to understand that starter locs are frail. So, touching them frequently will not allow them to lock up quickly and also disturbs their natural shaping. Manipulating them less will help them grow healthy and thick. 

2.4 Avoid Tight Styling:

Styling the locs too tightly can cause breakage and can put too much traction on hair strands and hair follicles which makes the hair weaker and can cause irreversible damage, like, hair loss, in the long run. 

To sum it up

These are the crucial starter locs do’s and don’ts that every newly loc’d person should know. These tips ensure that the starter locs will grow quickly, be healthy, and stay locked. If you have any special starter locs tips of yours, please feel free to share them here.


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Great Product

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