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December 22, 2022 4 min read

Lately, rose water has been gaining immense popularity in the natural hair community. Not only is this ancient Egypt beauty ritual soothing, healing, and all-natural, but it has a subtle, fresh aroma that has attracted the people. Above all, rose water is super easy to add to your hair routine. Want to know more about rose water, its benefits, and its usage on locs and natural hair? Then this post is for you! Start scrolling.

In this blog, we'll discuss the following:

  • What Is Rose Water? (How Is It Made?)
  • Is Rose Water Good for Dreadlocks?
  • Benefits Of Rose Water on Locs and Loose Natural Hair
  • How Often Should You Use Rose Water on Locs and Loose Natural Hair?
  • Can You Leave Rose Water in Locs and Loose Natural Hair?
  • How To Use Rose Water on Dreadlocks and Loose Natural Hair?
  • Where To Get Rose Water for Your Locs and Natural Hair?

1. What Is Rose Water? (How Is It Made?)

Rose water is obtained by steeping the rose petals in water in such a way as to isolate the plant's essential oils. 

Another method for making rose water is steam distillation. 

2. Is Rose Water Good for Dreadlocks?

You must have heard of the rose water benefits for the skin, but it also balances the hair pH, which protects your hair from bacteria and fungus. Rose water also normalizes the porosity of locs, which makes the moisture absorb in the hair shaft easily and retain it. And these are not the only benefits of rose water for natural hair.

3. Benefits of Rose Water on Locs and Loose Natural Hair:

Here is the list of rose water's top-class benefits.

3.1 It's a Moisturizer:

Natural hair in loose or loc form is, by default, dry. This dryness causes frizz in hair. Rose water is the best toner to moisturize the scalp, control frizz, and hydrate the locs

Also, rose water is an excellent alternative to using water to hydrate the natural hair because it nourishes the hair at the same time too. It may increase the shine of hair too.

3.2 Acts as a Natural Perfume:

Not only do people use rose water because of its hydrating, moisturizing effects, but many people also use it because of the pleasant, fresh aroma they have with them all day.

On long, stressful days, its smell works as aromatherapy.  

3.3 Supports Scalp Health:

Scientific studies have shown that rose water has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, which can do wonders for your dreadlocks and loose natural hair.

3.3.1 Antibacterial:

Rose water is the best antibacterial product with no side effects.

According to PubMed, Rose water helps wounds heal faster. So, rose water is a super healthy product for scalp rashes and sensitive and itchy scalps. It not only soothes rashes and itch but also stops the growth of fungus on the scalp.

3.3.2 Anti-inflammatory:

Dandruff and inflammation are the most common issues in natural hair and locs. An anti-inflammatory product like rose water effortlessly handles this. Other than these issues, rose water can soothe conditions like eczema and rosacea, according to MNT.   

3.3.3 Antioxidants:

Rose water contains a generous amount of antioxidants A, C, D, E, and B3 vitamins. 

Applying rose water, the antioxidants maintain the connective tissues of the hair follicle and the cells on the scalp, which reduce hair shedding. The improvement in scalp health will encourage hair growth.

3.4 Prevents Excess Oil:

When the scalp has sebum or oil build-up, rose water being astringent(a bit acidic), it works best to remove it by balancing the pH.   

3.5 It's A Softening Conditioner:

Rose water is distilled, and there are no dissolved hard minerals like calcium and magnesium. Dissolved hard minerals can cause hair brittleness and breakage. So, if your city has a hard water supply, you must use rose water. The regular use of rose water softens up the locs

4. How Often Should You Use Rose Water on Locs and Loose Natural Hair?

You can use rose water on your locs and natural hair daily without concern or disadvantage. 

5. Can You Leave Rose Water in Locs and Loose Natural Hair?

Yes, you can leave rose water applied to the hair; no adverse side effects are reported. 

6. How to Use Rose Water on Dreadlocks and Loose Natural Hair?

6.1 Rose water application right after shampoo:

When you have starter locs, their hydration level gets disturbed easily. So, right after shampooing, using rose water on damp (not dripping wet) hair balances the pH levels. To seal the hydration in hair, we suggest using a few drops of any carrier oil (coconut, almond, or jojoba oil, etc.)   

6.2 Spray rose water on hair whenever you want:

Whenever your hair feels frizzy or dry, then mist it over your dreadlocks or natural hair. 

6.3 Soothe the itchy scalp with rose water: 

If your scalp feels highly itchy in some parts, misting rose water does not work effectively. It's time to apply rose water with a cotton ball. Dab it over the itchy areas. When you wash your hair, use an anti-dandruff shampoo. Regular washes like that will reduce dandruff and itching.

7. Where to Get Rose Water for Your Locs and Natural Hair?

Don't wait for your scalp to develop any issues, start using rose water on your hair today! 

But there are various rose water products for starter dreadlocks. Which one to choose? Is the readymade rose water for locs better than the homemade? 

The answer is yes; readymade rose water is much better than homemade one if it is from a trustworthy source. Because a trustworthy company adds the correct ratio of aloe vera and various essential oils in rose water for your natural hair and dreadlocks. So, it will have increased benefits from homemade rose water. 

Also, making rose water with similar products without knowing the proper ingredient ratio may lead to hair problems like scalp build-up or more oiliness in hair than hydration.

Now, to know a trustworthy source, look at the company's customer satisfaction with the product. 

Let us save you time in that search. We, Loclicious, have high customer satisfaction and a high number of returning customers. So, don't look any further. Here's our ROSE WATER HYDRATION MIST to keep your locs and natural hair healthy and happy.  

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