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Loc Retwist Bundle - Loc Moisturizer, Rose water and Growth Oil

Revitalize your locs with the Loclicious Loc Retwist Bundle – the ultimate trio for perfect twists!

Our Loc & Twist Moisturizer, Rosewater Hydration Mist, and Growth Oil work harmoniously to give your locs the care they deserve.

Loc & Twist Moisturizer: Indulge your locs with our lightweight and residue-free moisturizer. Perfect for retwists, interlocking, two-strand twists, palm rolling, and comb coils. Unleash the power of our vegan and natural formula, catering to all loc types and hairstyles. Say goodbye to unwanted build-up and hello to healthier, more vibrant locs.

Rosewater Hydration Mist: Experience the gentle touch of rosewater combined with organic aloe leaf juice and a nourishing oil blend. Our mist hydrates, strengthens, and revitalizes your locs, leaving them looking their absolute best every day. Ideal for daily hydration, two-strand twists, and braids. Elevate your styling routine with this hydrating mist.

Growth Oil: Infuse life into your locs with our special blend of natural oils. Loclicious Growth Oil battles dandruff, soothes itchy scalp, and promotes hair growth. Pamper your locs with this unique formula that penetrates and strengthens from the inside out. Perfect for retwists, interlocking, or braids, our Growth Oil ensures your locs look, feel, and smell incredible.

Experience the Loc Retwist Bundle – crafted with care for the health and beauty of your locs. Unlock the secret to luscious, well-maintained twists with Loclicious. Shop now and let your locs shine!

Size: All are 8oz. 

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Customer Reviews

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Stylist was impressed!

I've been a minimalist for years for fear of buildup, but I was paying the price with dry, dehydrated locs - compounded by moving to a cold, dry place. :( I've been following for months and decided to give it a try. Took the bundle to my longtime stylist and we were both impressed. The moisturizer was creamy and foamy, soaked right in and held things in place - no build up. Not a hard, crispy hold, but that's what I prefer. We thought everything smelled great, a little like coconut. Plus the price is right!


Best natural hair products I ever used on my locs... the smell is amazing and I get so many compliments!!!


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Supper good!!

Just got it today

Awesome 🥰

Love the growth hair oil Rose water spray. Both keep my hair hydrated and moisturized, and smells so good!

Love being Loc'd

I love your rosewater! I initially purchased it because I am 6 months into my sisterlock journey and eventually wanted to use it once I was completely locked. Well lo and behold, my 16 year old son got a hold of it (before I could) and his hair is amazingly softer than it has ever been!! The smell and the result are awesome!! Can't wait to use it on my locs!! 🌻

Loving Loclious

I love all the products from the retwisting gel to the rose water. The products are 💯. I am a satisfied patron.