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Loclicious Vegan All-Natural Loc Products

Men and Women of color demand and deserve better haircare products. The existing options are full of harmful chemicals and poor-quality ingredients that at best leave unwanted residue in locs and at worst can severely damage hair. As a result, it can be very overwhelming and stressful for anyone starting their loc or natural hair journey.

Loclicious® is on a mission to change the way we treat people of color's haircare needs by offering truly all natural products free of harmful chemicals that help them feel and look their best.

Loclicious® Haircare promises a high-quality product for people of color. Our products are: Free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, PEGs, & toxic chemicals.

 We are proudly, black-owned, woman-owned, family-owned and loc'd owned.....and we can't wait to get our products in your customer's hands!



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Clean Quality

If you are looking to minimize your exposure to chemicals look no further. Everything smells good and feels good in your hair. The black soap can be used from head to toe except (private areas). This is just a technical issue the spray is not functioning which is a bummer. The owner was fantastic she sent me a video on how to retie my locs myself. The interlocking needle 🪡 can’t wait to use. Highly recommend, I would follow her on Instagram. I am Shirley_locs_again on Instagram hope this helps.

Perfect little tool!

As someone who works out and plays sports often, palm rolling was not working for me. But I was hesitant to try interlocking because I thought it'd be too difficult. This little guy is so easy to work with! This product was recommended in an interlocking tutorial video that I watched and I'm so glad I bought it. It's super easy to handle, sleek and doesn't damage my hair. I've already recommended it to several other dread heads! I will continue spreading the good word :)

Wonderful Product

The product smells very nice and holds the hair perfectly. It is a nice product to use with locs.

Wait what?!

I purchased the l shampoo and moisturizing bundle . If I tell you that these products are good, that would be an understatement! I have never had a product that’s good for your hair, promotes hair growth and smells amazing. 10 out of 10 definitely buying again!!!


Rosewater Hydration Mist has done wonders for my hair. My hair was ALWAYS DRY no matter what I put in it. I started using the Hydration Mist and it just felt like a (YORK PEPPERMINT PATTY COMERCIAL ) Just soothing my scalp and making it feel so moist and cool. NO MORE ITCHING