February 05, 2023 2 min read

Have you ever wondered what a typical loc journey looks like? It's a common question that many people ask on social media, which is why I thought it would be a good idea to address it in a YouTube video and discuss it in this blog. (See the Youtube video for lots of photos at the various stages).

It's important to note that everyone's loc journey is unique, so any timeframes mention can and will vary from person to person.

Phase 1: Starter or Beginner Loc Phase (Timeframe 3-6 months+)

The first phase is known as the Starter or Beginner Loc Phase. This is when you get your locs installed, whether you use the comb coil, two-strand twists, or braid method. I like to combine this phase with the Pre-loc Phase, as once you have your first wash, your hair will start to get frizzy, mat up, and shrink. From my perspective, the Starter Loc phase only lasts until your first or second wash and then you enter the Pre-loc phase.

Starter Beginner Locs

Phase 2: Budding/Bulbing or Sprouting Stage (6-12 months+)

The next phase is known as the Budding, Bulbing, or Sprouting Stage. This is when you start to see your locs bulging in certain areas. Some people experience budding at the root, tip, middle, or the entire loc may start to bud at the same time. This is often considered one of the most exciting parts of the lock journey because you are finally seeing your locs start to form.

Bulbing Budding Sprouting Stage

 Phase 3: Growing/Teenage Stage (12-15 months+)

The Growing or Teenage Stage is the next phase. Your locs have expanded to twice the size of the starter lock, and they have started to retain weight and thickness. However, you may find it difficult to get your locks to cooperate at times. They will still experience a lot of shrinkage and frizz in this stage.

Teenage Stage

Phase 4: Mature/Maturation State (15-18 months +)

The Mature or Maturation Stage is what we all look forward to. Not only do your locs retain length, but they also experience less frizz. If you started with two-strand twists or braids, the pattern is likely gone by this time. Your locs will become firmer, and you will start to see more length gradually.

Mature Maturation Stage

Phase 5: Elder/Rooted Stage (18-21 months +)

The final stage is known as the Elder or Rooted Stage. Your lock are pretty much locked in, and their thickness should be permanent. You will not experience any shrinkage, contraction, or expansion once they reach the root stage. From month to month, you will see length that you didn't see in the previous stages. This stage is, in my opinion, the most fantastic stage of the loc journey, even though all stages are great.

Elder Rooted Stage


In conclusion, a loc journey consists of different stages, and everyone's journey is unique. From the Starter or Beginner Lock Phase, to the Elder or Rooted Stage, each stage has its own challenges and rewards. Remember to be patient, use high quality loc products and enjoy the journey, as the end result is worth it!


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